The Significance of Year-Round AC Maintenance Service

AC Maintenance Service

To beat the heat during the summer, more than 75% of houses and workplaces in India use an air conditioning unit. However, most users are undoubtedly wondering how frequently they should have it checked by a certified technician from a reputed ac general service center near you. Some would suggest it every year. But is that necessary? Yes, it is. Because, like any other electrical device, the unit might fail at any time due to a lack of maintenance. We believe that having your air conditioner tested once a year is essential if you want to keep it in good working condition. Here are some specific reasons why:

Reasons to Schedule an AC Maintenance Service Once A Year

  • It will help you feel relaxed throughout the Summer – Every year, call a professional technician from a reputable ac general service center for service during the spring or winter. The efficiency of the machine may be lowered throughout the winter because you will not be using the AC. As a result, your air conditioner will require some care before it begins to malfunction during summer due to a lack of maintenance.
  • Repairing an A/C unit is more expensive than maintaining it- In comparison to a yearly check-up, you will have to pay much more if your air conditioner breaks down suddenly. As a result, getting your AC system serviced once a year can reduce the probability of a cooling problem and a sudden malfunction by 50%.
  • Warranty depends on regular maintenance of an AC unit – As a term and condition of warranty specifications, some AC brands need annual maintenance to enjoy the benefits of a guarantee. It also guarantees that the unit is well-maintained and that malfunctions are avoided as much as possible.
  • Annual Servicing help maintain maximum efficiency – Annual maintenance is required for air conditioners to operate at optimum efficiency. Otherwise, your unit’s efficiency might drop by up to 5% every year. Several factors might contribute to an air conditioner’s inefficiency. Particle buildup around the coils is one of them. Dirt, soil, and dust may all enter via the holes in your AC system, no regardless of where it is installed. When they build up, the coils that facilitate heat transfer are unable to function as efficiently. Since the particles absorb heat, your air conditioner becomes less effective at cooling. Another possibility is a blockage in your air conditioner, which would result in water damage and unpleasant humidity. The motor may also need to be serviced or lubricated. The blowers must be cleaned regularly, otherwise, the air will not flow properly. You will save a lot of money if you can prevent all of these problems from arising in advance.


Many people make the mistake of hiring maintenance service during the summer, when skilled technicians may be busy fixing sudden AC breakdowns. As a solution, you should call a professional for maintenance services in the spring or winter when they have fewer clients and can be more flexible with scheduling.

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