Know Our AC Cleaning Service Near Me in Details

We commonly received ac cleaning at home service requests from customers regarding AC cooling issues. When our skilled experts arrived at their homes or workplace to resolve the issue, they frequently discovered that the cooling problem arose from unclean air filters and condenser coils. Dirt and debris on the filter and coils trap heat and reduce airflow. The trapped heat causes the AC to overheat and perform inefficiently.

In this circumstance, to fix the cooling issue of your AC, we offer some exclusive cleaning services that are explained below –

  • AC filter cleaning – In an air conditioner, dirty air filters cause several issues such as ice formation, poor cooling, and so on.  During AC servicing, our skilled technicians will wash and clean the air filter as well as the condenser fan to remove any mold or dust particles that have been stuck inside.
  • Evaporator coil cleaning – Our professional technician utilizes a portable pressure washer as well as pressurized air to clear dust and dirt from the evaporator coil quickly and efficiently.
  • Drain cleaning and leakage check – Any symptoms of leaking in the AC unit’s pipes and tubes result in less cooling. To prevent water leaks from the AC unit, our technician always cleans the drain and removes dirt and debris during AC cleaning near me service.
To prevent AC cooling concerns, all leading AC brands recommend seasonal cleaning and periodic maintenance. Regular AC service by a reputable AC repair center improves AC performance and helps to reduce electricity expenses too.

Employ the Best AC Maintenance and Repair Service in Kolkata to Fix Any Issues with Any Type Of AC

When it comes to repairing your air conditioners, various parts must be properly checked and fixed correctly to make your experience with our AC repairing and maintenance service as pleasant as possible. Following the objectives, some of the most typical ac air conditioner repair services we provide with any type (split and window) and brand of domestic and commercial AC are listed below –

  • Gas Refilling – The most common cause of AC not chilling adequately is a shortage of gas refrigerant (Freon). The coolant circulates through the evaporator coil, cooling the air passing over it and sending it into the room. When the coolant level drops, the air conditioner is unable to cool the room properly. In many cases, coolant leaks from the AC unit caused the AC to stop cooling. During AC general service, our skilled technicians carefully check the amount of coolant in the cooling coils with a pressure gauge. If the coolant level is detected to be lower than usual, the technician will advise you to refill the gas to ensure that your air conditioner offers adequate cooling.
  • Issues with the Fan Blades – An air conditioner’s fan removes heat from the refrigerant. The edges of these fans are made of metal and can twist or shatter with time. As a result, a broken fan causes less cooling and may make a loud cracking noise when the air conditioner is turned on. Employing our affordable ac maintenance and repair services, you may replace the fan blade quickly with the help of our skilled technician.
  • Water leakage from AC – Water leaks from air conditioners are an irritating yet common problem. Don’t worry, as our skilled expert will respond to your call for ac repair at home service as soon as possible, and he will first check for basic issues such as blocked air filters and clogged drains to figure out the cause of water leaking from the AC. If no blockage is detected in the drain holes or hose, the technician will inspect further the installation style as well as other key AC components such as the condenser, pump, coolant, and so on to detect the exact cause and after determining the cause, he will discuss it with you and will offer you a cost-effective ac maintenance and repair solution to make your life hassle-free through the best possible service always

Services for Air Conditioning Installation

When you buy a new house, business, or remodel an existing one, you’ll need a more economical cooling and heating system. If you need a new or old air conditioner installed, our highly trained professionals will perform the installation, re-installation, and de-installation at the most cost-effective pricing. Split and Window ac general service in kolkata, If your air conditioning unit isn’t operating correctly, it will disrupt your sleep and that of your family. So, the most crucial thing is to locate air conditioner issues. All air conditioners may be found to be the greatest, most professional, most experienced, and most reasonably priced. We are the top LG Air Conditioner, service provider.

Why Us?

For over ten years, we’ve been offering competent ac repair at home service in Kolkata, at a reasonable rate compared to the others. So, if you are looking for a professional ac maintenance and repair service near you for domestic or commercial AC, please call our ac repair contact number 083359 03525 immediately. As a renowned ac general service provider, we strive to offer the best possible service to every customer, every time!

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1. How frequently should I go for AC service?

Regardless of the type of air conditioner, it should be checked, cleaned, and serviced at least once a year.

2. Why does my air conditioner stop cooling within a few hours?

Your air conditioner may stop cooling due to a clogged coil or dirty air filter. Unfortunately, a wide range of materials, including grass, mud, and other impurities, can gather in the coil and air filter, causing massive blockage and system failure.

3. Do you offer a warranty on AC repair and replaced parts?

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4. What is your minimum service rate for air conditioner servicing?

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5. Do you accept online payments?

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